Second Opinion

At Arráez Institute we want to help patients and doctors just to find answers about any question regarding barin and spine surgical conditions.

Ask us for a quick but expert second opinion.

Our philosophy is to strive for a clinical healthcare service of excellence and to offer a second opinion to everyone, who at some time, would like to confirm diagnosis in a quick, reliably and professional way.  




About our service

Second Opinion is the solution offering peace and confidence by giving  ti give the patient an additional perspective of the illness, based on experience and the most up-to-date and advanced knowledge

  • Monitoring and personalized treatment by the Arraez Institute professionals
  • Orientation: the Second Opinion service is not only for illnesses which are considered ‘rare’, ‘serious’ or ‘difficult’ but also for any diagnose and treatment which can change the quality of life of a patient  
  • Safety, efficiency and quality in each and every one of the Second Opinion process. 


  • Get in touch by telephone or email, we will help and guide you.
  • Personal contact with the specialists that you need to answer all your questions.


diploma miguel Angel arraez sanchez 2017

Winner of the Top Doctors Awards 2017
10 Top Doctors Awards 2015 / 2016 / 2017